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2000 NE 42nd Avenue

Portland, Oregon 97213

(503) 287-9848


Cotton Jones have announced plans for a short February tour supporting Blind Pilot, before heading to Austin for SXSW in March. The band will begin in their home-state of Maryland and trek down the east coast. These tour dates are in support of their critically acclaimed Suicide Squeeze…

This is one of my favorite bands. Cotton Jones is from Cumberland MD. A small Maryland town located in it’s western outpost stretching finger between Pennsylvania and west Virginia Appalachian region.  Cumberland is Old Rail Road and manufacturing town past its peak just after WW II. Its good to know great things emerge from places like this.  

check out their most recent albums Tall hours in the Glow Stream and 4 track ep Sit Beside your Vegetables  via band camp 

if you appreciate “good” music you wont be sorry 

what an inspirational personal in an atypical way. 

what an inspirational personal in an atypical way. 

Julia Clare Tillinghast: Prompt #1: Representation of Exact Place

Portland Haiku

Oh that old street? It isn’t even a main street but yeah there are people out there walking through time, and space, talking. People looking through trash cans, people on dates. 

It is always rain it is always brown. 
Always as cold as a rose, all budded up. 
That’s how roses live here, all year ‘round.

(November, 2011)

PS. “Portland Haiku” is a totally different kind of Haiku, with different formal requirements. :p

Bazaar Bizzarro has some great vintage treasures. 

Take a look at the amazing cardigan sweater  featuring an ELK and  pine tree.

this brown dress with a rainbow of pastel colors speckled through out the texture.

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